Cannabis Funding

Cannabis Funding

Our team at Innovative Funding Solutions understands how costly launching or scaling a cannabis or hemp company can be. Our primary focus is to bring the right funding solutions to the cannabis industry.

We specialize in arranging the funding for Cannabis startups. Our funding program is solely based on your personal credit score and the ability to pay the loan back. Unlike traditional loans, we don't require any collateral or asset verification.

We leverage our partner network of banks, credit unions and alternative lenders nationwide to maximize the funding you acquire.

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Cannabis Plants

Cannabis & Hemp Growers

The Medical and Recreational Marijuana Growing industry is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 29.1%, which is faster than 2.0% projected growth for US GDP


CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources.

Infused Products

In California alone, consumers gobbled up more than $180 million worth of marijuana-infused food and drinks last year, 10% of the state's cannabis sales.


Recreational sales in Washington state and Colorado grew by 66% in 2016 – and the number of large, commercial-scale cultivators serving these markets is growing along with it.

What State are you in?

Here are some of the states we have funded and found thru our resources. Please check with you local city, county, state and other legal entities to make sure you are in the GREEN!

What states are legalized for recreational use?

Alaska / California / Colorado / District of Columbia / Illinois / Maine /

Massachusetts / Michigan / Nevada / Oregon / Vermont / Washington / Washington D.C.

What States are ok for Medical use?

Arizona / Arkansas / Connecticut /Delaware / Florida / Hawaii / Louisiana / Maryland /Minnesota / Missouri / Montana / New Hampshire /New Jersey / New Mexico /New York /North Dakota / Ohio /Oklahoma /Pennsylvania /Rhode Island / Utah / West Virginia

What States are ok for CBD Oil only use?

Georgia / Indiana / Iowa / Kentucky / Texas / Virginia / Wisconsin

Real Estate?

Innovative Housing Solution has helped many types of businesses and their owners with real estate needs and funding. These include:

- First time investors for property with a "green tenant" such as a dispensary in a shopping center or office building.

- Funding the purchase of a property such as cultivation property, testing labs, agriculture farm and agriculture land, grow warehouse, marijuana dispensary, stand alone property, land, permitted property, cultivation business, greenhouses, delivery service real estate, pharmaceutical property, extraction facility, bakery and kitchen facility, green zone approved properties and other MMJ type properties.